6 Embedded Tools to Combat Cybercrime

6 Embedded Tools to Combat Cybercrime

6 Embedded Tools to Combat Cybercrime


With the threat landscape constantly evolving, organisations need high-end security software to combat the risk of a data breach.

As a business, there are a variety of reasons you are a target for cybercriminals some include – holding commercially sensitive information, having access to bulk-data containing personal information and owning intellectual property.

HP EliteBook’s host a fleet of state-of-the-art security features that have been designed to keep your device one step ahead in the face of a malware attack.

At Infinet, we’ve summarised the 6 embedded HP Sure Suite features present in EliteBook’s and how each one can help your organisation in a different threat scenario.

HP Sure View

52% of sensitive information is visually hacked 1 and can be retrieved from device screens. There are multiple ways an individual can be visually hacked, from an opportunistic event where the hacker is close by to the use of slow-motion cameras that can record your screen.

HP Sure View can significantly reduce the threat of visual hacking through an integrated privacy screen. This security feature can be activated at any time, reducing visual light by 95% when looked at from an angle. If you or an employee is accessing business sensitive data in a public space, HP Sure View gives your screen greater protection and ensures your digital assets are kept from prying eyes.

HP Sure Sense

There are over 350,000 new varieties of malware discovered every day, much of it around highly destructive ransomware, mandating a new generation of defence against rapidly evolving threats 2.

Your organisation’s devices are constantly under threat, with employees accessing different websites, emails and digital channels, it’s easy to fall victim to a phishing attack or open an attachment containing a virus.

HP Sure Sense uses proprietary deep learning algorithms that can predict malware attacks before they occur. Providing real-time detection, this security feature can track ransomware behaviour as it evolves, ensuring your device is always one step ahead.

HP Sure Click

Your employees access a large amount of data every day, often found in common files, websites and downloadable attachments. 81% of ITDMs agree that the insecure web browser is the primary attack vector. Hackers may use phishing emails to link users to malicious sites or infect “watering holes” that a victim routinely visits 3.

HP Sure Click provides a solution for where your device is most vulnerable, through application isolation. For example, when you visit a website that appears untrustworthy, Sure Click opens it in an isolated virtual container. If malware is present, Sure Click tricks it into thinking it’s infected your computer, but it’s trapped.

HP Sure Start

Firmware and hardware attacks are increasingly becoming more sophisticated as we move towards greater dependency on technology.  BIOS protection is essential and If malware affects the BIOS, an attacker can get unlimited control of your PC to steal valuable data, insert ransomware, or render your PC inoperable 4.

HP Sure Start is a unique software that can automatically detect changes when a device is started. If a virus is identified, Sure Start can notify the user and immediately restore the PC to the unaffected BIOS version. HP Sure Start gives greater autonomy to your IT department through centralised management and remote monitoring capabilities.

HP Sure Run

Your organisation’s device fleet hosts a variety of applications and software designed to keep them running securely. These processes help protect your PC against malware, secure your data, guard against unauthorized access, and more 5. With malware constantly changing, cybercriminals attempt to disable these applications and leave your device vulnerable.

HP Sure Run constantly monitors these applications to ensure they are protected from a potential attack. It also alerts end-users if it detects any suspicious activity or changes and restarts them automatically.

HP Sure Recover

Re-imaging your employee’s devices can be useful for eliminating software-based malware and further combatting cyber threats. Although beneficial, this process can be costly and lead to loss of productivity across your organisation.

HP Sure Recover uses the HP Endpoint Security Controller (HP ESC) to enable employees to quickly reimage their devices to the latest OS image using only a wired network connection, eliminating the need for them to call IT 6. HP Sure Recover takes the pressure off your IT department and empowers end-users with greater control over their devices.

With so many prominent cyber-threats affecting modern day businesses, it’s important to have an all-encompassing solution that targets each issue.

Infinet is a proud HP Gold Partner that prides itself on delivering high-end security solutions for businesses. We believe HP Sure Suite will give your organisation the protection it needs for seamless day-to-day operations.

For more information about HP’s Elite range or to find out how we can help you with security, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly staff today.

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