DaaS and HP TechPulse – What Are They?

DaaS and HP TechPulse – What Are They?

DaaS and HP TechPulse – What Are They?


In a recent report, IDC found that 14% of IT personnel’s time is spent managing devices, and that 50% of IT Managers believe that’s too much. Long gone are the days where the IT department existed solely to keep the lights on. To grow and remain competitive in the digital age, IT must be seen as ...

Innovation can be a challenging prospect. But it’s a prospect made all the more difficult when time is at a premium. So, how do you manufacture more time for your IT department to innovate?

You outsource.

At Infinet, we’re not immune to growing trends in the industry because, well, they’re trends for a reason. And we’re happy to now be delivering Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) to the Australian market.

So what is DaaS, you might ask?

Well, DaaS is a consumption-based service model that combines innovative devices, lifecycle services, and value-added expertise into an all-inclusive, managed solution with per-seat, per-month pricing 1. It lets you productively and profitably manage your PC environment, while also alleviating demand on your time-poor IT department.

Through combining hardware and services into one contract with just one payment, DaaS improves your cash flow, nurtures capital investment for other IT priorities, and delivers a predictable and consistent IT budget. The four key benefits that DaaS delivers to an organisation are:

1. End-to-End Lifecycle Support

Daas covers every phase of the device lifecycle, from discover and design and deployment and optimisation, to maintenance and end-of-life.

2. Time for New IT Initiatives

By alleviating your staff of mundane device management tasks, they inherit more time to focus on initiatives that drive business innovation and growth.

3. TechPulse Analytics

Gain full visibility of your device fleet, enabling you to get the most from your technology by equipping users with the most suitable software and hardware based on their specific needs and usage.

4. CapEx to OpEx

By moving to an operational expense, you gain total certainty on costs, you reduce your capital outlay and improve cash flow on a simple per-user, per-month basis.

DaaS offers business benefits to every stakeholder in your organisation, but the golden carrot lies in its ability to provide proactive management through HP TechPulse. The platform lets you simplify how you manage your IT environment with insightful analytics that can help to increase user productivity, operational efficiency, and cost predictability. 2

The platform delivers you with actionable reports that enable you to make informed decisions regarding the use and distribution of your device fleet, including device health and security compliance. 3 These analytics and reports include:

  • Device, software and BIOS inventory
  • CPU and memory utilisation for Windows devices
  • Device overheat and thermal issues
  • Device health including battery and hard drive life
  • Windows blue-screen errors and software errors
  • Application catalogue compliance
  • Mobility factor report
  • Device replacement guide

So, as an example, you may have an employee that is using a device which is about to crash without having backed up to the business network. TechPulse will notify you of this with an actionable solution to the device’s issues, eliminating the risk of user dissatisfaction and potential loss of business-critical data.

Infinet is a proud HP Gold Partner in the business of helping Australian organisations optimise performance and efficiency through the smart application of technology. For more information about Device-as-a-Service or HP TechPulse, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly staff today, and get the ball rolling on a bespoke device management solution that not only assists you in reaching objectives, but creates new goals to strive for.

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