How Your IT Partner Can Support Your Device Security Efforts

How Your IT Partner Can Support Your Device Security Efforts

How Your IT Partner Can Support Your Device Security Efforts


It’s no secret that the cyberthreat landscape has been evolving at breakneck speeds. Here’s how your IT partner can work with you to protect your business.


Remote workforce? Here’s how your IT partner can support your device security efforts?

Earlier this year, KPMG published a report (Issues facing Australia’s business leaders in 2022 – KPMG Australia) focusing on the big issues that are facing Australia’s business leaders in 2022. While the global talent shortage took out the top spot, dealing with cyber vulnerability wasn’t far behind.

It’s no secret that the cyberthreat landscape has been evolving at breakneck speeds — from phishing attacks to compromised data leaks. As the threats become more and more prominent, SMEs around Australia are realising they must prioritise their cybersecurity efforts — particularly for their remote employees.

The difficulty lies in the sheer magnitude of the problem. Needing to monitor the security of each employee’s devices, while also keeping a close eye on potential intruders is a huge challenge for small ICT teams. Enter: fully-managed security operations centres (or SOCs).


What is a fully-managed SOC?

Fully-managed SOCs are an external team of IT security experts that use sophisticated tools to detect, analyse and respond to threats. The team is responsible for maintaining your organisation’s cybersecurity tech, while also working to improve your overall security posture. They manage daily operational tasks like:

  • Vulnerability management (implementing security measures, patches and updates)
  • Monitoring event logs for suspicious activity
  • Identifying malware and antispyware threats
  • Investigating and containing cyber incidents
  • Recovering lost or stolen data
  • Fully securing PCs, endpoint devices, the organisation’s firewall and anything else that’s connected to the network.

In this model, a third-party service provider (like Infinet) handles all aspects of the security monitoring. In most instances, your provider will assess your requirements and provide you with a recommendation for a monitoring plan. Fully-managed SOC plans are often very cost-effective compared with monitoring your security in-house, as you’ll only pay for the tools and expertise you need and can scale your services in line with your business requirements.


Securing your networks — not just your devices

When you subscribe to a fully-managed SOC service, one of the first steps your provider will take is to shore up your device security. Thankfully, in recent times, incredible security features come built in to endpoint devices. Take, for example, HP’s Wolf Security ( — a comprehensive endpoint protection that is built in to HP PCs and printers, with multilayered security below, in and above the operating system. Your provider will evaluate the existing security on your devices, compared with how strong the security needs to be and bridge the gap with services like:

  • Full disk encryption
  • URL filtering
  • HTTPS inspection
  • Data Loss Prevention

At Infinet, we take a holistic approach to securing your endpoints, which goes far beyond simply securing your team’s devices. Instead, we take it one step further and secure your networks with Realtime Network Access Control (NAC). In this approach, we take into account the number of concurrent devices on your wired and wireless network, and the way you’d like guests to access it (for example, if you want them to sign up to a portal before they get access). We then deploy our recommended solution in the way that best suits your business — whether through installing hardware appliances on premises or through the public cloud — all with high availability capabilities.


Choosing your device security partner

No matter your business size or security requirements, it’s essential that you choose a partner who will watch over your organisation, while also providing the visibility and control you need — when you need it.

At Infinet, we subscribe to Albert Einstein’s famous notion, ‘If we can’t explain it simply, we don’t understand it well enough.’ In other words, we aim to demystify cybersecurity, keeping our solutions elegant yet easy to understand. We partner with a range of industry-leading providers, like our friends at HP, who keep cybersecurity as a key focus in their business operations. When you partner with Infinet as your fully-managed SOC, we’ll provide you with exceptional advice and service, so you can rest easy knowing that your device security is in the best of hands.

Want to know how your business security holds up? Check out our cybersecurity and network solutions — all available to be customised to your unique business needs. For device pricing, visit our Self Service portal  or contact our friendly Infinet team today.


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