Leveraging Voice and Data Technology for Your Business

Leveraging Voice and Data Technology for Your Business

Leveraging Voice and Data Technology for Your Business


Voice and data technology helps you connect your in-office and remote teams through flexible and scalable communication. Find out more in our latest post.


Leveraging voice and data technology for your business

In a post-pandemic era, having flexible and scalable communication solutions has never been more important. You likely have some team members working in your office, while others are working remotely — from their home, cafes, coworking spaces — and your clients are also located in various locations all over the world. Establishing and maintaining a robust and sustainable internal network is the best and most secure way to keep your team members and clients connected.

Voice and data’ refer to the systems that your employees use to talk to each other and their clients over the internet. These digital communication systems work in a similar way to traditional communication mediums and have similar functions. However, because the communication system is custom-designed for your business, it’s often much more cost-effective and flexible. There are a number of voice and data solutions available, with different benefits to your customers and team. At Infinet, we work with our clients to determine the best solution for their business needs and budget. Here’s how we do it.


How do unified communication solutions work?

When your business sets up an internal network, your employees can then access your communication channels from one central location. This means they can start a video call, collaborate on projects and communicate with team members in real-time, without needing to continuously open new apps or change devices. As a proud HP Premier Silver and Microsoft Silver partner, we’ve been able to support our clients to set up unified communications across SharePoint and Office365.

Behind the scenes, your business will likely leverage systems like data links (a connection between two devices, configured to transmit and receive digital information) and SIP trunks (a virtual version of an analogue phone system). The end result? A fully-integrated back end that allows users to seamlessly access all communication systems.


Why are these systems so beneficial for businesses?

The big benefit of adopting a unified communication system is that you’ll provide your team with the ability to easily engage with all of the applications they need to do their job — in real-time. This creates an incredibly collaborative work environment for your team, whether they’re located in the office or working remotely.

With an increasingly remote workforce, leveraging these services makes it easy to get your workers up and running with the appropriate tools to do their job. For example, if your call centre works from home, you won’t need to provide each team member with a physical phone. Instead, they’ll be able to perform all of the call functions from a program installed on their computer or laptop, such as Microsoft Teams Phone.


How Infinet can get your team equipped with the tools they need

We work with businesses to create a tailor-made solution that incorporates all of the tools your workers need to do their jobs efficiently and reliably. To get started, we first assess your network to ensure it can handle the increased load of a unified communication solution. A strong and reliable internet connection is the backbone of any voice and data solution, and we can provide you with options that will ensure a high-quality connection.

From there, we’ll explore your team’s applications and requirements to see how different voice and data technology will work for you. Once we have this information, we’ll be able to provide you with a recommendation that includes solutions like:

  • Locally-hosted unified communications
  • Call centre and reception
  • Remote user and on-the-go
  • Fraud mitigation and risk assessment
  • Hardware procurement
  • NBN-ready products

If you’re interested in our voice and data capabilities, we’d love to talk. You can find out more about our services on our website, or reach out to see how Infinet can support your business as you connect your team.

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