Connect and communicate with Infinet

In today’s always-on, 24/7 commercial environment, it is imperative for businesses to remain constantly connected.

Infinet can advise on the best way for your business to connect with its customers and stakeholders. Leverage our voice and data expertise to implement an optimal unified communications system to drive both customer experience and operational efficiency.

Connect and communicate with Infinet

Business Internet

Infinet understands a strong and reliable Internet connection is the backbone of any business. Whether you need high-quality connection, better speeds, agility, or want to improve communication and business continuity, Infinet has comprehensive packages to suit organisations from SMB’s through to enterprise level.

We can help you with:

  • Bespoke solutions
  • Enterprise grade building
  • DDoS protection
  • Reporting and analytics
  • High performance
  • Health monitoring
  • Capacity monitoring
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Cloud Hosted Unified Communications

As communication technologies continue to advance, businesses need to have scalable and flexible solutions in place to offer high grade telephony services.

We provide tailored made solutions for our clients, providing cost effective and reliable solutions that integrate unified communication systems for optimal productivity, efficiency and value for money.

We can help you with:

  • Locally hosted Unified Communications solutions
  • Call Centre and Reception solutions
  • Remote User and On the Go solutions
  • Fraud Mitigation and Risk Assessment
  • Hardware Procurement
  • NBN ready products
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Private IP

A Private IP network allows businesses to operate more effectively and efficiently. It enables a business to connect multiple work locations together via a private, secure, and high performing network. This results in faster data transmissions and improved data flow, along with the reliability and security of a private network.

Infinet provides flexible and scalable Private IP solutions for businesses of any size.

We can help you with:

  • Improved network performance
  • Data transmission
  • Improve data flow
  • Improve performance of the network
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Co-location Services

Co-location enables businesses to save money and resources by housing their servers at Infinet’s Data Centres. Infinet delivers co-location and data centre solutions to protect your business technology and provide a range of flexible alternatives to housing systems internally.

With 24/7 continuous support, our clients have peace of mind that their servers are being managed by an expert team who employ industry proven best practices.

We can help you with:

  • Relocation and Installation of server networks
  • Data Centre Management
  • Server Configuration
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Hosted Contact Centre

In an increasingly globalised world that offers a wealth of consumer choice, it has never been more important for businesses to have dedicated and effective contact centres to provide excellence in customer service.

Infinet works with clients to provide on-demand Hosted Contact Centres that delivers the flexibility, scalability, and customer service expertise. Our solutions can significantly improve the customer experience and drive overall business growth.

We can help you with:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Environment monitoring and reporting
  • Global delivery solutions
  • System integration
  • 24/7 call centre support
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Infrastructure Monitoring

The only constant in today’s ICT landscape, is the continued and accelerated pace of change. This can make it difficult for businesses to keep up to date with the latest industry developments, and ensure their infrastructure is robust enough to meet new challenges and demands.

Our industry proven approach proactively defends against internal and external threats, significantly reducing risks, and minimising the cost of downtime. With end-to-end visibility of IT operations, Infinet provides best-in-market solutions so businesses have the confidence that their dollar is invested where they need it most.

We can help you with:

  • Assessing service level requirements
  • Environment documentation for knowledge continuity
  • Provide team scalability across the entire spectrum of ICT services
  • 24/7 technical support and managed service desk
  • Environment monitoring and reporting
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Video Conferencing Solutions

Infinet’s Video Conferencing solutions offer secure collaboration between desktops, mobile and meeting rooms, offering end-to-end architecture that keeps the users experience top of mind.

Our Video Conferencing solutions facilitate seamless communications for organisations with multiple locations and an increasingly mobile work-force. Our high-performance, secure, and unified services are adaptable and easy to use, and provide exceptional return on investment.

We can help you with:

  • Hardware procurement
  • Deployment and implementation
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
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